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8 year old Tucker is a beautiful active and athletic boy who's energetic personality makes everyone around him smile. He is a Rockstar lacrosse player and a fantastic little hockey player that enjoys backyard lacrosse, mini-sticks, saucy foods, and playing video games with his buddies. After undergoing a battery of tests Tucker was recently diagnosed with "Burkitt's Lymphoma" and will be undergoing extensive treatment at SickKids Hospital in Toronto for the next few months.

About Tucker

Braver Than Brave BIG TICKET Raffle WINNERS

WOW! WHAT A FANTASTIC NIGHT!!! Our BTB BIG TICKET Raffle Event was a huge success!!! Massive Thank-You's to everyone who came out to support the event and enjoy the night!! Thank-You to everyone who purchased a ticket, who sold tickets and for all of the generous prize donations!! Congratulations to all of the Prize winners!!


Braver than Brave DEAA Road Hockey Tournament

DEAA (elementary sports) - headed by Rob Dyment and Jody Logan are running their annual road hockey event the Saturday before the Olympics start. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Williams family. It fills every year and they make $4000.00. It is on February 22nd, and it is called the "Braver than Brave" tournament.

Braver than Brave Clothing Event

Norman G Powers (kids school) Terry/Tami Rayner are spearheading a "Braver than Brave" clothing event. For those of you who have children, this is a great way to show support. They will be orange (his favourite colour), and say "Braver than Brave" on the front and simply "Tucker" on the back. 


Braver than Brave featured on

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